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Susanna Kittredge's first full-length book of poems, The Future Has a Reputation, was published in January, 2020 on the CW Books imprint of WordTech Communications.

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Kittredge's self-published chapbook, Dear Pigeons, is available from the author upon request. (Cover art by Kristopher Ball)

Additional Publications


Untitled (“If only my husband...”) and Untitled (“I pout because my upturned…”) in Shadowed: Unheard Voices, Ed.s Joell Hallowell, Meg Withers. Fresno: The Press at California State University, Fresno, 2014

“Conservatory of Flowers” and “Church Street” in Sidebrow, Eds. John Cleary, Kristine Leja, Jason Snyder.  San Francisco: Sidebrow, 2008.

“Lost Tales from the Book of Me” (excerpts) in Bay Poetics, Ed. Stephanie Young.  Cambridge, MA: Faux Press, 2006.



"Ekphrastic Slideshow with Sky" in Ethel Volume 10, Fall 2022 (print only)

"Salt Lake City" in Uppagus Issue #53, September 2022

"Beam" in Mason Street Blog April, 2022

"Places I’d Rather Be During COVID, According to My Predictive Text", Gingerbread Ritual, August 2021

"Cartography" was written for the Telephone project, inspired by a piece of visual art by Fiona Davies. April 2021

"Bath Time with Bjork" in BOMBFIRE, January 2, 2021

"Thin about your instrument size" in Barrow Street, Winter 2017-2018

“Four Theories About My Ovaries” and other poems in Sixfold, Summer 2017

“Columbus” in Thirteen Myna Birds June 24, 2017

“Cajun Waltz” in The Columbia Review Spring 2016

"Chicken/Poet" in Stone Soup Servings June 13, 2014

“Quake” in We Still Like August 2011

“The Counterpane” in Salamander Summer 2011

“Seismic” in Bang Out October 2009

“Beginners’ Guide to Birds” in Literary Bird Journal Summer 2009

“Starts to Sleep” in 580 Split 2009

“History” in Bang Out January 2009

“go vector/go terrible,” “on disgruntle to westminster,” and many more in Shampoo (multiple issues)

“Pier 39” in Instant City Winter 2007

“Pearl Tea Café” and “Yerba Buena Island: An Anagram in Three Parts” in kadar koli Spring 2007

“Imaginary Translation: Night Towards Dawn” in The Big Ugly Review The Contest Issue 2006

 “Conservatory of Flowers,” “Church Street” and “Reservoir” (excerpt) in Sidebrow 2006

“Listening Eastward” and “The Disconcerted” in Parthenon West Review Fall 2005

“Your New Book” in 14 Hills Summer/Fall 2005

“Reservoir” (excerpt) in Transfer Spring 2005

“Lemon Thieves” and “Fish Market, Stockton and Jackson” in Transfer Fall 2004

 “Remembering to Forget” in Sahara Summer 2003

“Lunch Hour in Christopher Columbus Park” and “Honey in the Comb” in South Boston Literary Gazette Spring 2003

“Wet” in Ibbetson Street 2003

“Full Moon in Virgo” and “Out of Your Skin” in Sahara Winter 2002

“The Sun Stakes Its Claim” in Diner 2002

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